Thursday, September 14, 2006

Marc Fisher redux

Casting Some Votes for Sense
By Marc Fisher, Washington Post, 9/14/06

"...In the city, however, voters resoundingly rejected candidates backed by the vocal but tiny minority of residents who have made enough noise to stall or kill transit-oriented developments that the District requires to expand its tax base and serve citizens most in need. Voters in upper Northwest's Ward 3 chose Mary Cheh, the one council candidate who forthrightly said she will stand up to the NIMBY crowd and fight for a denser, more urban feel to the upper Wisconsin Avenue corridor."

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Fred Dobb said...

I'm grateful for area voters earlier this month, for Marc Fisher's analysis re-posted here, and for the folks who pulled together this effort and this blog.

More intensive, transit-oriented development in our area will probably lead to greater vibrancy and flourishing of the neighborhood (including property values) -- but even if not, we owe our children at least as much in livable cities and a sustainable world as we do in inheritances and hyper-appreciated home values.

We owe it to each other, the region, and the future to plan now for the kind of Upper NW which will be part of the solution -- not of the problem -- in a continuing era of growing concern over sprawl, climate change, energy prices, gridlock, and so on.

Thank you all; hope we develop some genuine neighborly discussion over this in the months and years ahead.... Shalom, Fred (44th & Yuma)